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Let's Get Singing!

Singing is a great way to release tension, relax and find power and positivity in your own voice. 


Increase your vocal range, power and flexibility with singing lessons from Emma Blakk. 

Emma has spent 10 years working in the industry as a professional singer and teacher and is now offering online lessons so you can learn from your own home!


You don't need any special equipment or a fancy studio, just need access to skype and a room of your choosing! 

Book as a monthly subscription or per lesson so don't be afraid to give it a go, to see what you think. 

I am offering a 15-minute FREE consultation lesson for anyone who wants to give this a go. All you have to do is contact me (click the button below) and we can sort out a time that suits you! 

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How Deep Is Your Love
How Deep Is Your Love?

"My sister asked me to sing at her wedding and Emma gave me that extra bit of confidence I needed for the big day. It went so well and I now see Emma regularly to carry on my new hobby" 

"I was able to face my fears and not be afraid to sing anymore. Thank you, Emma, for helping me to enjoy my passion for music!" 

"I want to be a professional singer someday, just like Emma. She inspires me to stretch my skills and advance my knowledge about my voice."

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